Strive to provide the opportunity to appreciate the value of science and recognize excellence in education to build their career in engineering to lead life of social cohesion and harmony adopting high values



  •   Basic Sciences and Humanities department offers coherent and well-designed program curricula to provide in depth-knowledge to students interested in the mathematical, physical, chemical and environmental sciences . It is committed to furnish quality education through an inherent assortment of major courses. The DBS also emphasizes moral integrity and ethics as to prepare competent, fully-rounded students who can be leaders in their respective field of study

Short-Term Goals

  • To see that all students come out with flying colours in the end exams
  • To guide the students in fulfilling their desires and reach the goals

Long-Term Goals

  • To tune students academic skills and shape them as future leaders
  • To impart quality education

Upcoming/Latest News

Two Day Workshop on "Multivariate Analysis using R-Software" from 12th- 13thNovember 2016 Brochure

Mr.S.Suresh, Sr.Gr.Asst Professor of Physics, has submitted his Ph.D Thesis entitled "Characterization and spectroscopic investigations of multi-component CaF2–Bi2O3–P2O5-B2O3 glass ceramics doped with some 3D transition metal oxides as nucleating agent" on 24-08-2016 to Acharya Nagarjuna University under the Guidance of Prof. D.Krishna Rao

Mrs.R.Swetha,Assistant Professor of Mathematics has submitted her PhD Thesis entitled "Chemical Reaction and Thermal Radiation Effects on some Hydro magnetic Free Convective Heat and Mass Transfer Flows Past a Vertical Surface Embedded in a Porous Medium" on 24-02-2016 to Sri Venkateswara University under the Guidance of Dr.G.Viswanatha Reddy

"Role of titanium ions on the physical and structural properties of calcium Zinc bismuth phosphate glass ceramics" A.Suneel Kumar, T.Narendrudu,S.Suresh, M.V.Sambasiva Rao, G.Chinna Ram, D.Krishna Rao Journal of Non-Crystalline Solids,Volume 434,PP 62-70,Jan 2016

"Quantification of Subjectivity for better Decision making Role of Mathematics" Dr.A.Jawahar Babu and Ms.P.Rajani,GEC's International Journal of Innovation Technology and Management,Volume I,Issue II,ISSN :2394-594X(August,2015)

P.Rajani:participated in International Conference on Energy Environment and EngineeringICEEE)-2016,a paper on "Role of Mathematics in Quantification of Subjectivity for better decision making,held in Coimbatore Institute of Technology,Coimbatore,29thFebruary to 02nd March 2016

Two Day Workshop on "Emerging trends in Electrochemical Energy Generation,Storage&Photovoltaics" from 19 th March - 20thMarch 2016 Brochure

One day Workshop On "Fuzzy Mathematics in Engineering Control:An Example Oriented Treatise" 21stFebruary 2016 Brochure

A One-Day workshop on "Optimization Techniques and Its Applications" was conducted on 13-09-2014

Two-Day workshop on "Applications of Mathematics in Engineering" was conducted 09-11-2013 to 10-11-2013

Three-Day workshop on "Scope of Sciences and Maths In Engineering" 11-08-2011 to 13-08-2011


      Dr.P.Haritha:received St.John’s Pharmacy College Award for the year 2017 (constituted for the best paper in the field of Pharmaceutical Analysis for the articles published in Journal "IJPER") for the article entitled "Picogram Level Quantification of Grazoprevir and Elbasvir with Deuterated Internal Standards in Human Plasma Samples by LC–ESI-MS/MS" published in IJPER |Vol 50| Issue 4 |Oct-Dec,2016,page 612 in IJPER (Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education and Research-2016)during the 22ndAPTI Annual National Convention-2018 held on 24thMarch 2018 at Lloyd Institute,Greater Noida,New Delhi,India.

      Dr.P.Haritha has been awarded Ph.D in Chemistry from JNTUK,Kakinada for her thesis entitled on "Method Development and Validation for simultaneous Determination of some Drugs in Bulk and Tablet Dosage Forms by RP–HPLC Technique" on 10thAugust-2017 under the Guidance of Dr.B.Sreenivasa Rao,Associate Professor Dept.of Chemistry,GITAM University,Visakhapatnam.

      Dr.R.Swetha has been awarded Ph.D in Mathematics from Sri Venkateswara University for her thesis entitled on "Chemical Reaction and Thermal radiation effects on some hydromagnetic free convective heat and mass transfer flows past a vertical Surface embedded in a porous medium" on 15thJuly-2017 under the Guidance of Prof.G.Viswanatha Reddy,Dept.of Mathematics,Sri Venkateswara University-Tirupati

      Dr.S.Suresh has been awarded Ph.D in Physics from Acharya Nagarjuna University for his thesis entitled on "Characterization and spectroscopic investigations of multi-component CaF2–Bi2O3–P2O5-B2O3 glass ceramics doped with some 3d transition metal oxides as nucleating agent" on 24thMarch, 2017 under the Guidance of Prof.Dr.D.Krishna Rao,Dept.of Physics, Acharya Nagarjuna University,Guntur

      Dr. P.S.V.Srinu Babu has been awarded Ph.D in Statistics from Andhra University for his thesis entitled on "Some Graded Manpower Models with Non-Homogeneous Poisson Recruitment" on 31st May-2016 under the Guidance of Prof. K.Srinivasa Rao, Dept. of Statistics, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.

      Mr.V.Naveen Kumar, Sr. Gr. Asst. Professor of Physics received the best NSS Program Officer award at the fifth formation day celebration of JNTUK, Kakinada on 14-11-2013 for his exemplifying service of the higher standard to National Service Scheme for the academic year 2012-13.

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